Heguri Hub is an outdoor activity complex located in Minamiboso which utilizes a closed nursery school.
It consists of the following facilities:


A delicatessen and café that serves fresh local food such as fish from the local fishing port, organic vegetables from local farmers, and meat from Chiba. You are also able to eat your food at the picnic table outside.


This is an area for remote-working and work-ations. You can decide to use it for a day, or join our monthly membership plan. We have all the business necessities such as Wifi, printer, scanner, stationaries, etc. Why don’t you refresh yourself in the countryside?


A hub for cyclists to visit and rest which also provides in-depth local cycling information. We also provide the following services: rental cross bikes/eBikes and cycling tours.


We have guest houses with a total of 6 beds to stay overnight and enjoy Minamiboso. Feel free to use it for cycling, hiking, travelling and so on. Showers are available for everyone as well.


We have turned the playground into a solo camping area (camping by yourself). You can admire the view of Iyogatake (Mt.Iyo).


Minamiboso is easily accessible from Tokyo, as it only takes 90 minutes by highway bus. With its nature and scenic views, MinamibBoso is the nearest “traditional rural Japan” from Tokyo.

Minamiboso is a perfect location for people who are looking for a short getaway from Tokyo into the Japanese countryside to immerse themselves in stunning rural/natural sceneries and excellent local food.

Boso Adventure Tours is a tour company that focuses on tours in
the Minamiboso area and it is located within the Heguri Hub. For any
inquiries, please contact info@bosoadventure.com